Friday, 16 June 2017


For those looking to seek a marriage partner in accordance with Shari'ah, Bayyina Foundation has set up Bayyina Marriage 
A FREE Muslim Marriage Service.

It is a simple and free to use service.

Simply download and complete the form below. If you wish, you may attach a recent photograph of yourself (not compulsory, and it will not be forwarded to anyone without your consent or viewed publicly on the blog). Return the completed form to

Insha'Allah, we will match profiles based on the information provided and forward you summarised profiles (initially with no surname, contact details, or photograph) of potential partners. You can then contact bayyina marriage if you wish to pursue any of the suggested profiles.

Only if both parties have expressed an interest in each others profile, will we then, with your specific consent only, share your (or your wali's) contact details and/or photograph with prospective matches.

Return Completed Forms To